FileWall is a encryption software based on transparent encryption (real-time encryption). The most distinctive feature of FileWall is "Realtime encryption". Based on this technology, users can more quickly access and modify encrypted files without decryption, unlike traditional encryption software needed to decrypt the entire file and then encrypt the entire file again. We have real-time encryption technology applied to the cloud storage, without changing user habits, the data uploaded to the cloud server will be encrypted. Solve the concerns of data security in the cloud. FileWall also provides some auxiliary features such as files lock, files hidden, etc.

The new version provides 15-days fully functional trial period. After the trial period expired, you can choose to purchase a license to support our work, or choose to continue the trial.

  • Encrypt files & folders with AES-256
  • Encrypt filenames, directory names
  • Realtime encryption
  • Hide files & folders
  • Deny access to files & folder
  • Support AES instruction set
  • Support realtime encryption for cloud storage services

uWall supports the creation of multiple encrypted partitions in removable disk or flash memory disk. Each encrypted partition has its own password.

  • Flash memory disk encryption
  • Removable disk encryption
  • Create encrypted partitions
  • AES-256 encryption