FileWall is a encryption software based on transparent encryption (real-time encryption). The most distinctive feature of FileWall is "Realtime encryption". Based on this technology, users can more quickly access and modify encrypted files without decryption, unlike traditional encryption software needed to decrypt the entire file and then encrypt the entire file again. We have real-time encryption technology applied to the cloud storage, without changing user habits, the data uploaded to the cloud server will be encrypted. Solve the concerns of data security in the cloud. FileWall also provides some auxiliary features such as files lock, files hidden, etc.

The new version provides 15-days fully functional trial period. After the trial period expired, you can choose to purchase a license to support our work, or choose to continue the trial.

  • Encrypt files & folders with AES-256
  • Encrypt filenames, directory names
  • Realtime encryption
  • Hide files & folders
  • Deny access to files & folder
  • Support AES instruction set
  • Support realtime encryption for cloud storage services
After you enable the realtime encryption for a folder, you can directly access encrypted files without waitting for the decryption. Any changes in this folder will be encrypted before being written to disk. Users barely notice the encryption process. After you disable the realtime encryption, the files in this folder will revert to the encryption status immediately.
This problem usually occurs after installing the FileWall without reboot. The icon overlay has been registered into the system, but needs a reboot to take effect. This does not affect any function of FileWall. If you prefer to see the intuitive folder encryption status, then we suggest you try reboot to complete the installation of FileWall.
Encrypted files by FileWall are independent. After reinstalling Windows, the only thing you need to do is to install FileWall. Then you can normally access encrypted files.
It is a new CPU instruction set, usually in the newer CPU such as Intel's I5, I7 series or AMD's bulldozer. AES instruction set is made for the AES encryption algorithm in the special optimization, can greatly enhance the encryption and decryption speed.
When the realtime encryption enabled, FileWall only protect the encrypted folder. If you copy or move the files from the encrypted folder to outside, the destination files will no longer be encrypted. When you delete files in the encrypted folder to the Recycle Bin, the files will be decrypted before moving into the recycle bin. So if you want to delete files in the folder with realtime encryption enabled, we recommend the completely delete (SHIFT + DELETE).